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We must ensure an awareness of our work environment and strict adherence to the rules and procedures for safety, security and compliance, We must be intolerant of those who put co-workers, the Laboratory and the country at risk, and We must be determined to build on a foundation of excellence. Select a School Apparently a hypothesis has emerged that it is the long-standing scientific culture of Los Alamos that is responsible for the present situation at our institution. January 14 — February 22, 4: Made with our world-famous onions and topped with melted Provolone cheese. April 24, Spring Break. March 22, 6:

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How did such a perception arise? According to Director G. Nanos this is viewed as a recurring theme at LANL, and such continuing reports of security incidents have led to "…a belief amongst some very powerful people in Congress that academic culture and running a high security national laboratory are totally incompatible and scientists can't be trusted.

Apparently a hypothesis has emerged that it is the long-standing scientific culture of Los Alamos that is responsible for the present situation at our institution. Certainly, security and safety are critical elements of the Laboratory's national security mission; if rules and regulations are not followed, appropriate measures must be taken.

However, the suggestion that "scientists can't be trusted" is an unwarranted generalization that is not supported by facts. During the July 13 testimonies to the Energy and Air Quality Subcommittee there were 22 references made to cultural problems at Los Alamos National Laboratory, in the context of lapses in security.

What data supports declarations by Subcommittee members that "…security incidents just keep happening, and happening, and happening. To my knowledge there has been only one serious CREM incident within the last four years, in which classified removable electronic media was actually missing.

I am referring of course to the missing hard-drives found behind a copy machine, following the great Los Alamos fire of Pertaining to the May incident, government authorities now believe that this incident did not occur: Every reported security incident must be treated seriously, but in defense of my colleagues, one incident, particularly one that now appears not to have occurred, does not define an ongoing pattern of blatant disregard for the rules.

It certainly does not define a "culture" that is insensitive to security, as has been suggested by one Congressional member of the EAQ Subcommittee, "…as Mr. Issa [Darrell Issa R- CA ] points out, perhaps these people don't realize, these intellectual nuts or whatever they call them, these people don't appreciate the sensitivity of what they're working on because they work with it all the time.

This does not describe the culture I have come to know in my 23 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory. We are acutely aware of the ramifications of some of the research we conduct, and very attuned to its protection. Although the final findings on the most recent allegations of security problems at LANL have not yet been released, evidence is pointing toward procedural problems associated with how the Laboratory accounts for classified media.

The evidence does not support the hypothesis that there is a cultural problem at Los Alamos that is attributable to the academic-like atmosphere of the laboratory. Unfortunately, the initial response to the latest reported incident has effectively shut down programmatic work for several months, and resulted in administrative leave for 23 employees. I have worked in this division for 21 years, and like many of my colleagues I have worked on both unclassified and classified research, and collaborated with researchers throughout the laboratory.

Everyone with whom I work is trustworthy and dedicated and committed to performing his and her work safely and securely. This is the only laboratory culture that I know. There are security incidents that happen in a workplace of more than employees, but to imply that these are the result of a lab-wide culture is simply wrong.

What is accurate, however, is that there is a deepening divide developing at LANL and staff morale is very low. This is being recognized outside of the laboratory: This gulf is principally the result of growing attitudes of mistrust between the two parties, and it is being made even wider by several members of Congress.

One member said "…I would put every one of those 11 people that have access under lock and key, and every one of those people that have access to that facility should be immediately given a lie detector test". Taken from testimony to the committee: If they came wandering by, I want them worried that they're not going to be working there on something that they 've dedicated their lives to… ".

Sentiments such as these provide little comfort to the LANL community; particularly those employees that have been put on administrative leave. But, the ramifications of "beating a culture into submission" and "wanting scientists to be afraid" extend far beyond the boundaries of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and should be of concern to the entire scientific community.

It is my opinion that such attitudes and some of the resultant measures being taken at LANL will ultimately negatively impact our ability to fulfill our National security mission, making it very difficult to attract and maintain a productive workforce. Some final thoughts and my analysis of the present situation at Los Alamos National Laboratory: A new policy embracing the three imperatives of A wareness, I ntolerance, and D etermination AID 5 has been emplaced by our director, and it has been made clear that every member of the laboratory work-force must understand and operate under three directives:.

I fully concur. From my analysis of the present situation at Los Alamos I can only conclude that several measures being undertaken to address security issues are running the potential risk of driving away the very scientific culture that forms the backbone of the work we perform at the laboratory in the National interest. Respectfully submitted, Rhon Keinigs.

Rhon Keinigs is a long-time staff member at Los Alamos. His research interests are in plasma physics, shock wave interactions in solids, and dynamic material properties of metals. She tries to make her point by resorting to the old red herring of a Biblical claim of years for the age of the earth or the age of the universe as another variant goes.

A literal reading of the Bible shows that no such claim can be found in its pages.

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Most of the best modern scholarship by those who do take the Bible seriously, and as literally as such literature allows, shows persuasively that the "days" "Yom" in Hebrew of the Genesis text were intended to be read as long periods of time i.

Such a view has been held throughout Christian history with Augustine A. Genesis, when read with an awareness of the original Hebrew and within the context of the rest of the Bible record, actually offers an account in surprisingly good agreement with most key aspects of what physical cosmology and natural history is now basically telling us.

Recent books by Robert Newman, Hugh Ross and many others have made this point very lucidly. These people, often with extensive physics training and respect for the actual physical data, would also claim the title of 'creationist' and they do not hold to a 6k old earth. It is not helpful to trot out the extreme and unfortunate views of a very vocal minority of English speaking North American Christians and then pin those views on all Christians who would also seek the literal meaning of the Biblical text.

It would be much more useful to refocus this discussion on the fact that many professional physicists and practitioners of just about every other field of science see very serious problems with macro—evolutionary theory. Davies elegantly points out in a recent paper in the International Journal of Astrobiology 2 0: The complaint that macro-evolutionary theory does not persuasively account for the colossal information content of life is one solidly rooted in hard science and not religion.

The real issue here is the suppression of dissent and debate. There are scientifically valid reasons for controversy here. As with other areas of Science, we would do best to allow the debate to occur and to teach both sides of this controversy to anyone beginning a study of Biology. There are apparently many who very badly need macro-evolutionary theory to be true to justify a particular philosophical view of life they have chosen.

This is their choice and they should be allowed to have it. However such people should not be allowed to solely determine the rules of this debate or to suppress questions others would ask. Science flourishes best when assumptions are ruthlessly put to the test and free inquiry is encouraged. With regard to macro-evolutionary theory, many are concerned that this is not what is actually happening.

Douglas L. Keil Fremont, CA. The former Soviet Union did not collapse. Something that no longer exists can not collapse. What collapsed was the Soviet Union. This may seem like pedantry on my part, but the inappropriate use of "former" attached to Soviet Union is a form of gloating fostered by those on the right, which has no place in APS News. Alwyn Eades Bethlehem, PA.

Search Our Site. Comments Featured Announcement. Student News - From Azevada's own. From our Nurse: Infuenza Update. February 11 — March 8, 4: March 13, 14, 15 Kindergarten Lottery Principal and parent representative meet at Student Support Services to administer lottery. March 29 — Kindergarten Letters Kindergarten letters to parents mailed.

TK Parent Education Nights. Upcoming Events. Welcome Azevada Students and Families! Middle School Immersion Presentation. Give to Azevada Please Donate Online. Student Enrollment. New students to the Fremont School District need to enroll for school. This is done through the school district. FUSD has gone green!

We know that these types of cleaning supplies have been listed on our Back to School supply lists. Instead of bringing Lysol wipes to school as part of your child's Back to School supply list, we would appreciate it if you could bring Baby Wipes. Headphones and Ear Buds: So that children do not have to share when they are using the computers at school, we are requesting parents to send one pair of ear buds or headphones to school in a labeled ziploc bag.

Please be sure to write your child's name clearly on the ziploc bag. Thank you! Today 3: Tomorrow 8: Thursday 6: March 13, 8: March 20, 8: March 26, 3: March 27, 8:

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New York-style cheesecake served with a choice of raspberry, caramel, or chocolate sauce. What's wrong with this menu? The article points out that Slakey is employed to work on budget issues aimed at increasing federal funding for physics. Enjoy a selection of our refreshing cocktails. Dedicated staff members are opting for, or seriously investigating, early retirement. Crisp romaine lettuce and freshly made croutons tossed in our Caesar dressing. Burgers are cooked to order.

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March 19, 3: Your choice of a frosty blend of creamy coconut and berries or sweet strawberries and lime juice. Coors Light. I have worked in this division for 21 years, and like many of my colleagues I have worked on both unclassified and classified research, and collaborated with researchers throughout the laboratory.

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The famous Australian peach Bellini. Linking to Non-Fremont Bank Websites The icon above appears next to every link that leads to a website that is not operated by Fremont Bank. Rate my penis limp. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs which may contain harmful bacteria may increase your risk of foodborne illness or death, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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