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He had very intelligent comments and the casual conversation made me totally comfortable and relaxed. Alan applied oil to my calf and thigh and continued his good technique, alternating different pressures and styles. Swedish massage techniques basically, based on massage therapist. Select new user avatar: Contact No.

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Massage therapist can use olive oil or cream to do body massage from head to toe. It is more relaxing and refreshment massage for all and simply accepting by all. In South-East Asia countries , full body massage is more about female to male body massage service means cross gender massage. Almost, every male wish to have full body massage from female massage therapist preferably.

Routine Full body massage is highly advisable because with the help of Full body massage it's easy to get relaxed the muscles and pain areas of whole body. Full body massage service helping to massage seeker in sleeping patterns, healing up tissues, it helps to optimizing the body flexibility.

In body to body massage service, female and male massage therapist give massage with his or her body to customer. With this massage therapy massage customer can feel wonderful experience and body to body massage therapy helps customer to improve sexual performance for sure.

By using essential oils, Aromatherapy massage is the best for human being to give best relaxation and stress free mind and soul. With Aromatherapy by using of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well being, massage therapist provide massage best outputs and give stress-free results to customers. Hot stone massage is a natural therapy which melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism.

In Hot stone massage therapy, therapist uses river rocks stones and other smooth stones. Hot stone massage therapy helps in Pain relief, Mental benefits, improve the blood circulation in body, also may improve the immunity system. Deep tissue massage focuses on deepest layer of tissues, tendons so that it helps in cure of chronic muscle problem, injury, limited mobility, Postural problems, sports problems, Upper back or neck pain and many more problems.

Also, Deep tissue can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Lomi Lomi Massage is more towards the sensual and sacred experience. This massage is one of the oldest and most effective forms of healing. Massage therapist uses the palms, forearms, fingers, knuckles, elbows, knees, feet, even sticks and stones to give relaxation and rejuvenation to massage customer. Lomi Lomi massage helping to assist blood and lymph flow, rejuvenate the body, reduce waste and toxins, and build the sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing.

Lomi Lomi massage also includes Four handed massage. To correct imbalances in the body Means by finger pressure, specifically pressure on finger, thumbs, hands, elbow, feet and knees. Benefits of Shiatsu massage therapy are Reduces stress and tension as well as anxiety and depression, relief to arthritis sufferers, Relief from headaches, digestive disorders, bowel trouble, morning sickness, and menstrual problems.

Thai massage specifically work on nervous system, muscles, joints, head and other parts of body. Thai massage helps to boost the energy level in you and flexibility in muscles. Muscle knot must be treated while giving Thai massage. You may little hurt from pressure release by therapist and therapist must ask you about your pressure comfort level.

Benefits of Thai massage like Boost energy, relax the nervous system, Reduce types of pain specially back pain, Reduce headaches tensions, and boost flexibility and motion. Couple massage is most romantic massage therapy and delightful, lovable, charming, relaxing, personal experience because in this massage type, couple male and female can get the body massage with help of cross gender or same and they feel sensational moments in his and her body.

You and your partner will feel very comfortable in one massage session and this also increase the engagement in relation.

Guide To Erotic Massage

A couple massage is offered in a private massage room, home or hotel room on side-by-side massage tables from two massage therapists who provides massage to you and your partner at the same time. It includes shower, hot tubs etc. Romantic partners, dim lighting, candles or a fireplace increases the positive impact of Couple massage.

And can be served in parlor, spa center, at your home, and hotel room. If you are looking for awesome body massage with female or male therapist then Dirty soapy massage will relaxed you more better as compare to other massage therapies. Most of people think that a Dirty soapy massage is a massage where female massage therapist use some dirty things like oil, mud etc.

But it is not like that. A Dirty soapy massage is basically a traditional touch of sensational body to body massage with oil and other items like soap, body scrubs which would be used while giving massage. In Dirty soapy massage, female or male massage therapist provides warm body touch to customer i.

With Dirty soapy massage, customer can feel awesome in fact more than body to body massage or sensual massage services. Yes, Dirty soapy massage uses some kind of scrubs as well to make body more attractive after massage. If you like to talk bold and shameless then you must choose dirty soapy massage near you because in this way, you will meet such massage therapists who can give you great and unexpected experiences.

Because Four hands massage requires 2 massage therapists so customer has to prepare for massage from 2 persons. I said, "Whoever taught you would be proud, everything has been fantastic. It is common in Europe for the expert towel placements, and I could feel him move my legs apart a little wider, but I could feel the folded towel provided full coverage to continue the previous style of modesty.

It was a nice feeling as he dripped more oil onto my body, then quickly and lightly rubbing it in before starting the deeper massage. Alan started up more conversation as he resumed the massage. He asked where I was from, etc. From our earlier conversation, he knew I was traveling with my boyfriend and after he had described his family situation, it was natural to describe my relationship.

He had very intelligent comments and the casual conversation made me totally comfortable and relaxed. I see you have tan lines but you came in the nude. Most people are too shy for that, but the massage is so much better this way. We talked about various places each had traveled. He continued the massage all the while we were chatting and this really did contribute to an overall feeling of comfort.

His arms were long enough he had one hand on my ankle and one on my shoulder as he did a variety of really great massage techniques. His hand on my back was laid flat and pressing while his hand on my leg was working his fingers and thumbs in deeply. He moved both hands together but he would stop at my upper thigh and lower back during the deep massage.

He did my back with both hands and pressed down harder than before, sliding his hands far under the towel to my other side several times. Alan moved to stand at the lower part of the table and began using both hands on my leg. He worked on my calf and slowly moved up my leg. The towel was still covering me but as he got higher on my leg, it is just a fact that his fingers were very high up on my thigh.

He did not linger and began to massage my butt with both hands, pressing down deeply and expertly with his palms, followed by deep massage with his strong fingers. We had been talking for a while, but once again he interrupted the conversation to ask, "Still doing OK Beth? I freely admit almost every time I get a massage near intimate areas, it is a great fantasy to imagine something more erotic.

There was a feeling of disappointment but also a sense of relief when he covered me back up and repeated the same procedure on my other side. I had a feeling of pure relaxation, but I also recognized the reality that it was nothing more than a great professional massage.

We talked a little more, but I think he also had the good sense to let me enjoy some peace and serenity. Your leg and hip muscles are really firm. One of the staff pointed you out as the 5: I hope it does not sound unprofessional, but it is a pleasure to give a massage to a nice looking young woman with a good body.

A lot of my customers have less than perfect figures. I am glad you are also enjoying the massage. Does this mean I get a discount? Once that front desk gets your money, it will take an army to pry their fingers loose. However, maybe we can throw in some extra time. That part of the conversation was occurring as he finished my right side, again giving a thorough massage while still preserving my modesty.

Alan said, "For the rest of the backside massage, I usually remove all the towels but we can skip that if you prefer. Thanks for asking though. He smoothed the oil on my legs, back and butt. He began standing at the head of the table using both hands on my shoulders and sliding them palm down using the heel of his hand to apply pressure slowly to my lower back and butt. As he would move back up he would use more intensive finger pressure to deeply manipulate each muscle.

When he was leaning over the farthest, I could feel his hands reach all the way to my lower thighs. Alan certainly knew what he was doing, from how he would use his thumbs on my spine and lower back region to the way he would knead and cup my buttocks. Alan repeated the massage up and down from my shoulders to my thighs several times and he would pause at my buttocks where he squeezed and kneaded them.

After a few minutes, he moved to the end of the table near my feet. I am no prude, but I wondered what kind of a view I was providing and realized Alan was getting a pretty good look at my pussy. Alan applied more oil to my legs and moved his hands up very quickly to rub my buttocks and then all the way to my lower back.

He rubbed quickly at first and repeated more slowly. As he began moving up my calves, he asked, "Still doing OK Beth? I replied truthfully, "I am doing great. From the perspective of the massage, he had been doing everything right. He continued slowly up my legs where he was now massaging the inside of my thighs with his thumbs and outside of my thighs with his fingers.

When he reached my ass, I could feel him just barely touch the outside of my pussy for a split second and what seemed inadvertently. I flinched a little at that. When he leaned over the farthest, he reached around under my waist and came back down the sides so that his fingers were touching my stomach.

He lifted my hips and thighs slightly, just enough that he was touching my front hip area and thighs as he went back down. At the end of this technique my legs had moved slightly apart. When he repeated this part of the massage, I knew he had a clear view of my pussy.

He again asked, "How are you doing? I replied truthfully, "This is a wonderful massage. Alan kept up the massage and when he got to my inner thighs and butt, I felt his thumbs slightly glance against my pussy but again he did not linger. The anticipation as he moved his hands up my thighs and then the split second glance against my pussy was electric.

Alan held up a large towel and asked me turn over. Part of me was relieved the erotic part of the massage had concluded. After lying in that position for a while, even though the massage was fantastic, it did feel good to change position. He held up the towel high enough so even his head was not visible and again I thought very professional expertise regarding modesty. This was a wonderful massage that helped me walk correctly after being disabled by sore muscles for more than 6 weeks..

Thanks for getting me on my way back to full health! But after talking to my doctor he said that it would be the best thing for my lower back pains. I really… Read More. It really was the best massage I ever had. And let me tell you I had some so bad back, shoulder, traps arms i was a wreck!

The therapist was on the money with her massage therapy and kno… Read More. The therapist was gifted. Her attention to your body's signals makes her the best.

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Ken will help increase your body's range of motion, vascular flow, and lymphatic drain. When he was finished with my left leg, he did not recover it, but lifted the towel to massage my right leg. By using essential oils, Aromatherapy massage is the best for human being to give best relaxation and stress free mind and soul. I would guess he was in his 50's, and maybe about 6 feet with medium brown skin and closely cut hair. Fortunately however, the Massage Envy national reciprocity system allows you to continue enjoying your membership benefits at any other Massage Envy franchised location. But you are right; many customers request 'the harder the better'.

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  • He did not linger and began to massage my butt with both hands, pressing down deeply and expertly with his palms, followed by deep massage with his strong fingers.


I freely admit almost every time I get a massage near intimate areas, it is a great fantasy to imagine something more erotic. After I climbed up on the table and covered myself with a couple of the large towels, I had a feeling of bliss to lie there and relax after running and the spa. Our site is updated every day with new massage parlor reviews from Hilton Head Island, which include body rub massages, massage parlors, erotic massages, body rub spas, and asian massages.

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