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The quads and back of the lovely Heather Grace are featured in today's mini-movie. Big muscle girl Karen Garrett has some fun in the pool at the muscle mansion last year. Welcome to exotic, new model, Brie Eubanks , who makes her FF debut with a family-friendly clip that absolutely sizzles, because she's just so uniquely beautiful. Ben used to date singer Tinashe. Escort Miami, Broward, Ft Lauderdale.


Man, she's special. I chased her for years, but when I finally caught up with Amy Sibcy at the North Americans, she made it clear that she was definitely worth the wait. Thanks to Badger for taking the 'second shooter' position on this shoot. Election Day special!!

I've never really talked about how much I love Andrea Swanson , but today's long clip provides a clear indication that she and my camera have an amazing chemistry with one another. You're sure to come away loving her, too. I can't believe it's been years since we put out any good FemFlex After Hours clips, but you're going to love today's little clip featuring Katka and the one and only Muscle Tease.

Check out the terrific legs of Tina Jo Orban. Those eyes, those traps, those pecs, those biceps. Check out the lovely Anne Sheehan in today's clip. Lil Kim moves big weights with ease in today's long clip. Fans of big, strong legs and glutes will love today's long clip starring Heather Steel. Loving some old-school Dana Richards in today's leg-centric mini-movie. The big, shredded muscle of Tara Silzer is featured again today.

Oh my! You know we love muscle in motion around here, so check out a fun boxing clip today starring Ashley Lockaby , pounding the heavy bag. Big, booming muscle is on display today as the gorgeous and massive Kim Perez checks back in with a mini-movie today. Oh, those pecs! Fun armwrestling with Natalie Ciccone today.

Over 20 minutes of brand-new video today. Are you kidding me?! And who better to take us to that new model milestone than the gorgeous Rebekah Lea. Wow is the word, full-stop. We celebrate going for with the introduction of new model Natalie Ciccone , a big, thickly-muscled bodybuilder from Florida who tells us a little about her muscle and also does some pec bouncing for us.

We're extremely happy to welcome new model Julieta Fit , a very sexy Romanian physique athlete, who was filmed for us by the masterful Ondrej Cecetka. Julieta is our 19th new model in 19 days. Will we make it for tomorrow?? No surprise there! It gives me great pleasure to introduce new model Tracy Hess , who joins us today after shooting with Rick down in Tampa.

Not only is she gorgeous, but she's got the best calves you've seen all day. Check 'em out in today's leggy clip.

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Today we're thrilled to welcome the strong, luscious curves of the elusive Sara Unicorn , who packs more power than a little bit on her 5-foot-7, lb superstructure.

We're pleased to welcome new model Tish Shelton , a Southern beauty with a pair of the shapeliest legs you'll ever see. Our new model assault continues as today we welcome Kim Goeden , an ultra-ripped figure competitor with a dazzling, unforgettable smile Lucky 13 - our 13th new model in 13 days has among the biggest, sharpest bicep peaks we've ever seen.

Welcome to Canadian bodybuilder Michelle Russell. She's been a longtime friend of ours, but we were thrilled to finally get a shoot with her during the recent Olympia in Vegas. This mini-movie is sure to become a favorite of all peak - and pec bounce - lovers. Did we really just go for?? Yeah, 12 new models in 12 days happened. Welcome to exciting new physique star, Chareece Moore , a hard-charging Army woman.

Thanks for your service, Chareece, and also for sharing those big, booming muscles with your fans. Lats, anyone?? What could possibly be better than 10 straight days featuring 10 new models? How about making it 11 straight?! Today we're pleased to welcome gorgeous physique newcomer Shawnna Doty , a Texas thoroughbred we managed to grab for a terrific set in Pittsburgh.

Welcome to new model, Christy Donat-Germain , a southern bodybuilder we caught up with at the North Americans in Pittsburgh. FemFlex is pleased to welcome gorgeous new model and new IFBB Physique pro Sheronica Henton , a year-old who is on track to being the next big thing in physique sports. No pressure. We are very happy to welcome new model, Angie Boudreaux , an extremely hot vixen from Louisiana who had to be carded after claiming to be over 50 years old.

Yeah, I don't believe her either. Welcome to new model, Jackie Boisjoli , a hot physique athlete from Las Vegas. We're very happy to welcome to new video model, IFBB Pro physique competitor Heather Grace , one of the most consistently well-conditioned athletes in the world.

Welcome to new model Rapture , a 5-foot stunner from Las Vegas. She makes me shake! Welcome to new model Beth Wachter , whose great arms and shredded pecs we finally managed to capture this summer in Tampa. Thanks to Rick Dobbins for completing this great shoot. Shanah Tovah, everyone! Fresh off her 4th-place finish at the Ms.

Her legs are beyond amazing. Nancy has been a world-class bodybuilder pretty much since the day she was born. Thanks to Rick Dobbins for filming Nancy for us in Tampa. I apologize for the delay in getting out last Thursday's update, but it'll be up tomorrow, as the Olympia has come to a close. We had many terrific models come through Muscle Mansion again this year, so we hope you'll enjoy some of the sights we were able to capture.

Can you? Welcome to yet another new model - the sensational Judy Gaillard , an IFBB Pro bodybuilder with some of the best peaks in the business. Thanks to Rick Dobbins for capturing Judy for us. Today, a training clip from FemFlex-sponsored athlete, Ashley Lockaby. Way to go, Robin! And here's to you, amazon fans. After being a very high-level bodybuilder for quite some years, she reset her sights a couple of years ago, which culminated in her achieving that goal this past weekend in Pittsburgh at the North American Championships.

Well done, Big T! Welcome to incredibly muscled new model, Carrie Woolridge , a Canadian bodybuilder with some of the best calves we've ever seen, and that's not all! I'll miss Cleveland, but I love me some Pittsburgh! Today, a candid little clip from Ashley Lockaby on her way to Nationals. Props to her Support Team at home for helping her to make it all happen! One of the all-time greats and certainly one of my all-time favorites, Nicole Berg is back for a brief visit today showing fans - and the competition - that she's better than ever.

Today, we get an inside look at a training session with FemFlex sponsored athlete, Ashley Lockaby as she keeps herself in top form for the national fitness stage. Welcome to stunning new model Kelli Anderson , whose calves will amaze you as much as her incredible lats and biceps. Thanks to Rick Dobbins for making the trip to Tampa to film several models for us this past weekend.

I can't wait to see the results! Welcome to new model Amanda Micka , a gorgeous and densely-muscled bodybuilder from the Deep South. Welcome to new model Lisa Horrigan , a ripped-to-shreds WPD competitor with incredible muscle shapes on her nice, lean physique. She brought so much thickness to our recent shoot in Pittsburgh that I had to use a special lens to capture it all.

Kate's amazing! Today's clip stars Divalicious , a sexy muscle goddess from the midwest in a leopard print dress that's struggling to contain her thick lats and biceps. Too hot for FemFlex! Today, Penpraghai provides sensual delight in her micro-kini and bodynet. I need something cold Welcome to new model Akia Washington , a stylish, energetic figure competitor from the east coast.

The 'sweetness' is strong here! Strong leg lovers generally prefer Jill Rudison , but in today's clip, she's seen working out those awesome biceps. Happy 4th of July, America! And welcome and good luck to rising star and newest FemFlex model, fitness competitor Ashley Lockaby as she begins her quest for a national championship today at the NPC Team Universe competition in New Jersey.

Check out her new clip! If you've got an interest in ripped, tan pecs, you won't want to miss Jackie Horan in today's update. Do not fret pec bounce fans - there's a little something in this clip for you, too. For you fans of hardcore muscle, Sue Scheppele is back and bigger than ever. Legs, arms, lats, oh yeah! The lovely and worldly Nesha makes her FemFlex debut today.

Would you believe that she's only been training and competing for a very short time? Good luck, Rene! Brandi Mae is back today and is showing off those terrific calves in her bedroom. Nice work, Rick Dobbins! She looked amazing once again Has it really been over 4 years since our last shoot with Cheryl Faust??

Well, thank goodness Maryann was able to track her down again for another great shoot in Fort Lauderdale back in November. Like a fine wine, indeed. Happy Valentine's Day to you from the never-ceases-to-be-sexy Ashley Starr. Well after you debut Wonder Woman, what do you do for an encore?

None other than Superwoman! Or is it Supergirl?? The physique division is in great shape if even half the competitors come in half as good as Katelyn. Wonder Woman fans, welcome to new model Kate Grevey Blankenship , who dons the superheroine's costume in today's clip. We actually met and did a cool photo shoot more than a decade ago at the Jan Tana Classic in Lynchburg, VA, but those images were lost to the ether.

I was really happy to get a second chance at Nationals in Fort Lauderdale last November. Welcome to exotic, new model, Brie Eubanks , who makes her FF debut with a family-friendly clip that absolutely sizzles, because she's just so uniquely beautiful. Anne's looking better than ever Welcome to new video model, Tarna Alderman , who arrives today with clip from MM Big biceps lovers can't get enough of Tarna.

Welcome back to the lovely Brigita Brezovac , in a mini-movie that shows why she's one of the most impressive bodybuilders of all-time. Welcome to new video model, Gail Auerbach , the veteran muscle prodigy, who made her first appearance at Muscle Mansion a memorable one. These 6 mini-clips will get your attention. It's been several years since our last work together she was still an amateur then!

With great pleasure, we welcome new model, Kayla Dee , to the fold. The Logo is currently recovering from an unfortunate accident which left her with a broken leg, but if we know Kayla, she won't miss more than a beat or two of training during rehab. We wish her all the best for a speedy recovery! Welcome to new model, Ginger Martin , the hot muscle mama herself, who arrives today with a great muscle talk clip.

Welcome to new model, Andrea Romero , who shows off her moves for the camera to get us started in Like traps?! It took a while to finally catch up with this powerhouse, but wow, was she worth the wait. We're sure you'll agree. She's planning to present a slightly more streamlined look in and we think she's off to a great start. Merry Christmas to all who've been celebrating this holiday season!

We'll be back with a new clip on Friday. You're going to love this great tease. Skadi's back and she's better than ever. She's transitioned from IFBB pro bodybuilding to pro physique and shows off a tight, beautiful package for us today. Welcome back to Hungarian supermodel Suzy Kellner , who's in today with a dangerously hot mini-movie, filmed by Ondrej Cecetka.

What a way to start the weekend! Welcome, Kristine! Fresh off the presses, we welcome FF newcomer Tana Marie as she shows off her great natural biceps in the high desert. She's going to be one to watch, for sure! Happy Thanksgiving, USA! After a fun-filled weekend with the crew at the NPC Nationals in Fort Lauderdale, I'm taking care of a few things in Vegas right now and will be back early next week.

Milinda Richardson turns up the heat during our shoot at the Arnold a couple of years ago. Happy Veterans Day - Today, we honor the brave men and women who have served this great nation and have protected the freedoms we all enjoy without thought. May we in the U. More armwrestling! Today, the really competitive blondes go at it.

Happy Halloween! If you've ever wanted to date a muscular woman, now you can find out how O after receiving a tip from a fan who saw that she was in town for the weekend. What a great find - we can't thank him enough! Welcome back Tonia Moore! Those beautiful legs are better than ever. We're happy to welcome another new model to the FemFlex family.

Super Traps' Enos in a skintight offering that'll have you gasping for more. Thanks to Samaritan Sean for putting together this super-hot video for us! We keep the hits coming with another great FemFlex newcomer, Melissa Shuster. Secret Agent Rick worked overtime to convince her to come out to Muscle Mansion and she greatly exceeded our rather lofty expectations.

Shuster is the real deal and I'm sure you'll agree after checking out today's mini-movie. I think we shot again in , so hopefully that footage will turn up someday. Welcome to the amazingly beautiful and muscular Lady Titan , who makes her FemFlex debut following her shoot at Muscle Mansion earlier this year.

How on earth she managed to stay hidden this long is beyond me - her physique is other-worldly. Today we welcome Michelle Lin , who makes her first appearance after her initial shoot at Muscle Mansion. Michelle's as smart as she is beautiful, for fans who are into that sort of thing. Today we fun new set of armwrestling shots. Will they?? Today, we pay tribute to our friend Genevieve Moreno , who departed her earthly existence 2 years ago today.

Although we are sad she is no longer with us, we celebrate the life she lived which brought happiness to so many. Here's to you, Genevieve. You will live in our memories forever. Today's clip features ultra-hot bodybuilder, Ashley Starr , who took a short break from her world tour to do some work with us and I sure am glad she did.

Today's clip features my personal favorite bicep model, Jen Cowan , who doesn't seem to have been slowed a bit by her recent knee injury. Today's clip features hot new superstar-on-the-rise Tasha Grow. Next update will feature scenes from Muscle Mansion , so be on the lookout! Although we've had her full gym vid in the VOD store for a while now, several of you have requested the mighty Vera Mikulcova , so a mini-movie mashup is posted now.

Thanks to Ondrej Cecetka for his great work with Vera. Today's mini-movie is an ultra-hot car wash scene starring Katka Kyptova in a boy-beater. This clip was brought to us by the Master Calf Aficionado himself, Mr. Rick Dobbins. You will love this one. We'd known about her for quite some time, but finally managed to land a quick shoot with her a few months ago.

To say we can't wait to see her again is an understatement. Today's mini-movie features spicy figure diva Gemma Santos. Today we've got a nice, new mini-movie featuring Thai physique sensation Penpraghai Tiangngok. Today we've got a nice, new mini-movie starring huge Russian bodybuilder Nataliya Romashko. The full VOD will be out later this year.

I had a great time with Rene Marven last week in Vegas, so be on the lookout for some nice, new clips in the coming weeks, including footage from the gym workout she and Lisa Moordigian got in at City Athletic Club. This Friday's vid features sexy leg model Amanda Jade who dazzled us with her calf-ly charms at Muscle Mansion.

Mar 8: Let's start your weekend off with a terrific new mini-movie featuring IFBB Pro Michelle Cummings as she shows off her massive arms and quads in a little red dress. HARD to believe this is her off-season condition - she's got ab veins!! For mobile users, we've also included this in an MP4 format, so you'll be able to take this hot clip with you.

Mar 6: It's hard to believe that another Arnold has come and gone, but even though the trip was short, we still had a great time producing some hot, fresh material for the sites. Thanks to all the models who came in and made it happen! Today we have the super muscular physique of Angela J. Today we have two galleries of Abby Marie Johnson in a sexy outfit!

See the second gallery here! The vascularity Lisa Giesbrecht has is phenomenal and she does a great job of flexing her veiny muscle in her sexy skirt and top. Emery Miller is no doubt one of the best muscle women around and this photo gallery proves that! Today we have big muscle from the gorgeous Michelle Trapp!

Today we have the huge offseason muscle of Alicia Alfaro-Mesa! The heat really turned up when we shot with Abby Marie Johnson in Miami. Check her out in today's update! Today we have the massive muscle of Tina Chandler. Watch her as she flex in the hot Nevada sun. Today we have the beautiful and fit Rose T. Ironfire aka Lindsay Mulinazzi moves and flexes her big biceps and strong muscular legs in today's update.

Today we have two galleries of Theresa Cross in a very defined and ripped contest shape! She flirts with the camera and shows off her huge arms and legs! Holland Canter has an amazing physique and a gorgeous smile to match. Check her out in today's update. Today we have big muscle from the gorgeous Tina Chandler! Today we have two galleries of the shapely and fit Shianne Behan.

See for yourself in today's update! Today we have the sensual curves and muscles of the very hot Christina Toon. Today Michelle Trapp poses in a tight black dress that really brings out her biceps and back. Today we want to wish the beautiful Melissa Rex happy birthday. In today's update we have her posing in a dress and showing of her massive arms and back. Sue Scheppele has big vascular muscle.

She is also known for her amazing legs. Today we have a clip of her flexing her pics, legs, and some very veiny arms. Today we have a photo gallery of the beautiful Amanda Folstad-Ptak. Today we have strong muscle lady Anna Mikhaylenko. Alina Popa is known for her amazing physique. In today's update she is caught lounging by the pool.

Today we have a photo gallery of Holly Leggs who has some of the biggest most muscular legs around. Today we are adding a photo gallery of the beautiful and toned Moira McCormack posing in a hot yellow outfit and high heels! Today we have an update from a massive Emery Miller looking ever so lovely in a blue bikini.

Karen Garrett is known for her massive quads, calves, and biceps. See why in today's update! Today Holland Canter shows off her rock hard abs in a two piece bikini. Tierany Chretien won her pro card in the season. It comes as no surprise since she has a huge physique and great symmetry. See for yourself in today's update. Today we welcome the beautiful and fit Lisa Hahn to the site in a photo gallery of 60 pics!

Kashma Maharaj in contest shape is truly a sight to see. Huge muscle woman Aleesha Young flexes her massive arms and legs in today's update. Today we have the long lean legs of Tammy Cazares posing in the hot Vegas sun. Curvy muscle girl Arlin Rodriguez Mossholder shows off her hard body in today's update. Today we have the tight physique of the beautiful Nikki Warner.

Kelly Grossman has a very tight physique. She poses and struts her stuff in today's update. The hot muscle chic Jessica Dunn moves her physique for the camera in today's update. Today we have the beautiful and intense Michelle Trapp posing in a sexy black dress. Today's update features Lisa Geisbrecht.

A Canadian pro with vascularity you wouldn't believe. Today we have the massive and muscular Alina Popa flexing in a sexy dress. Today we have the best legs in the business with Holly Leggs. Kashma Maharaj is a muscular island girl with a physique that is sure to wow you. Melissa Rex can flex her hard defined muscle better than most.

Check out her unique movement and flexing in today's update. Today we have Heidi Hegg posing and showing her offseason mass. Today we have huge dense offseason muscle from Kashma Maharaj. Today we have the amazing abs of Divalicious in a new photo gallery. Holland Canter has an amazing physique.

Her massive quads and calves are amazing. Today we have the slim and tight physique of hot blonde Abby Marie Johnson. Today we the fantastic posing and flexing of a true pro Emery Miller. Today we welcome Michelle Trapp and her amazing physique to our site!

Karen Garrett has some of the biggest and most muscular legs in the business. Watch her flex and pose in today's update. Curvy and muscular figure girl Shianne Behan slowly flexes her muscle in today's update. Slim and fit figure girl Jessica Dunn poses and flexes in today's update.

Today we have the lean muscle of Erykah Blockman. Carrie Walend keeps the most impressvbiceps year around. Shawna Pierce has a pair big dense bi's, tri's, and quads in today's update. Today we have the massive muscle of the ever so impressive Aleesha Young. Today we have part two of the hot posing from Christina Toon. She really struts her stuff in this video.

Today we have the massive muscle Anna Mikhaylenko. Sue Scheppele poses with her massive and ripped physique while rocking a tight black dress. Today we have the extraordinary posing and flexing of Christina Toon. Today we have full defined muscle of Angela J.

Pearson in 60 pics!. Today we have the amazing posing and physique from Lindsay Mulinazzi in today's update. Today we have the tight and toned physique of Theresa Cross. Alina Popa is a bodybuilding marvel with an amazing physique to match. See her in today's update!

Today we have the amazing legs of the one and only Holly Leggs! Today we have posing from the impressive physique of Moira McCormack. Today Amanda Folstad Ptak and her amazing physique is featured in today's update. Today we have Emery Miller posing in the Nevada sunset during the Olympia weekend. Today we have the massive legs of Karen Garrett.

She looked great in Vegas forthe Olympia. Olympia brought many fitness stars to Vegas. One of those stars being Abby Marie Johnson and her tight physique. California figure girl Shianne Behan flexes for the camera in today's update. Today we have pics of the muscular young newcomer Holland Canter. Christina Toon poses her amazing physique in today's update.

Today we have the dense muscularity of Jennifer Scarpetta. Today we have pics of Heidi Hegg posing in the hot Las Vegas sun. Today we have Jill Rudison and an impromptu kitchen workout. She gets pumped and then poses for us. Today we have Michelle Devere and her amazing physique!

Emery Miller is always muscular. Here we see just how muscuar she can be. After a long day of shooting Jennifer Scarpetta relaxed and showed off her dense yet defined muscles. Today we have the sensual elegance of Lyris Cappelle posing in Tampa last year. Today's update features posing by the massive muscle of Angela J.

Today we have the elegant flexing of Melissa Rex and her bulging bi's tri's and abs. Arlin Rodriguez Mossholder can pose with the best of them. See her move her muscle in today's update. There are few ladies that have an impressive off season physique. Lada Plihalova is one of those ladies is one that does. Today we have the dense upper body of Maria Mikola. Her upper body is nothing but full hard muscle.

Today's update features the fit and tit physique of Theresa Cross. She is lean and extremely fit. Kashma Maharaj is known for always maintaining an impressive physique. When she went to the Arnold in March she did not disappoint. Today we welcome huge bodybuilder Heidi Hegg to the site. She poses for us while in amazing offseason shape!

Today we have pics of Melissa Rex and her dense muscle and fantastic posing. Today we welcome hot figure girl Shianne Behan to the site. She has long lean muscle. Canadian bodybuilder Lori Steele flexed her way into today's update with impressive off season muscle. Today we welcome future physique competitor Holland Canter. This young muscle girl is well on her way to having a great physique.

Today we have the full sexy legs of Christina Toon. Michelle Trapp has a great physique with hr amazing biceps, triceps, abs and more. This new pro has a total package! Today we add another gorgeous model to the site. The beautiful Moira McCormick elegantly displays her physique in our update for the day.

Today we welcome Angela J. Pearson to the site. She poses showing off her huge defined muscle. July The extremely muscular Angela Rayburn poses and moves her big biceps in the hot Vegas sun. Today we have Canadian muscle woman Wendy Watson flexing her big muscle. This is also to ensure the highest integrity of the brand quality for all WBFF events. Stage photos are also your best form of feedback.

You can book your stage photography package at registration or contact Dan through dangalic. If you are interested in a creative photo shoot while you are in top condition, Dan is booking photo shoots for Fit and Firm Magazine Submissions and personal portfolio.

Photos may also be used for banners, etc. Contact Dan Galic for more info. MYD Photographics will be available for backstage photography. Inside the Green Room Ballroom. The dress code is strictly semi-formal. No sweats, no tank-tops, no flip-flops: Shortly after registrations have been completed, there will be a mandatory contestant meeting where The WBFF will:.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson expecting baby No. Details of alleged Cristiano Ronaldo rape revealed. Adrien Broner Terrorises Uber Driver. For all the latest breaking Sports Gossip, be sure to follow SportsGossip. Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons have been together for a while now, and even though they're as strong as ever, it looks like Ben is still holding onto something from his past.

Ben used to date singer Tinashe. Last summer, Kendall and Ben showed up at the same party as Ben's ex

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Today we have an update from a massive Emery Miller looking ever so lovely in a blue bikini. Too hot for FemFlex! We caught up with her at the North Americans this year and her physique was amazing. The sexy nurse outfit might be our favorite, along with the sexy open shirt photos.

Welcome to the World of FemFlex.:

  1. She's planning to present a slightly more streamlined look in and we think she's off to a great start.
  2. Welcome to yet another new model - the sensational Judy Gaillard , an IFBB Pro bodybuilder with some of the best peaks in the business.
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  4. Today, 3 new Jeannie Paparone posing clips.
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  8. never model miami fitness jessica come this obviously
  9. Shuster is the real deal and I'm sure you'll agree after checking out today's mini-movie.

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Muscle marvel Alina Popa is amazing when it comes to her tight hysique and sensual look. Check out her unique movement and flexing in today's update.

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