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Add to mybook Remove from mybook Added to your shopping collection! She argues that the its conservative political orientation in the 20th century owed much to its settlement by farmers from the Great Plains , who reacted strongly to communist sympathies, the civil rights movement , and the turmoil of the s in nearby Los Angeles — across the " Orange Curtain ". We stole drugs, we stole prescriptions, or bought them, sold them, swapped them, forged them, photocopied them or traded them with cancer victims, alcoholics, old age pensioners, AIDS patients, epileptics and bored housewives. If you're a germ freak than I'd suggest you bring you're own face towel to use inside the rooms. I loved how spacious the tubs were and their layout is effective and great for crowds. Stop following Marina N. As one of the leading distributors of sex toys in the world, Adu….

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You can only spend about 5 minutes in there. My favorite were the Forest Room and the one in the center which might have been a red clay room. Each have different benefits. We would spend some time in a room, then go into the Ice Room for about 5 minutes, and then lay around on the hot floor to have a little break before going into another room.

If you want to chat with your friends you can really only do so outside of the themed rooms otherwise people will get mad. Now that I know what to expect I feel that next time I'll be more prepared to spend more time here. I also recommend bringing or purchasing a water bottle because you'll sweat a lot.

I HATE being barefoot due to cleanliness, but I felt that the facility was clean and well-maintained. Very nice place in Irvine to relax with friends, on a date, or just on your own. A few things to know. They also give you a pair of shorts and tshirt to enjoy the steamy rooms.

Those are add ons. I loved how spacious the tubs were and their layout is effective and great for crowds. I love the scenery they have from inside the tubs so you can have a little retreat to the bamboo forest. The shared area is kinda small, but it was enough to relax. I love their heated floors to lay down and chill.

The restaurant food was not bad at all. Yook Gae Jang- 3. Talk about a shocker!!!! Her name is Sarah, and I had my shoulders and back in order after an hour. Def going back again!!! If you have not tried them yet. I would certainly recommend the fruit shaved ice.

It has many FRESH fruits and milk shaved ice with generous amount of condensed milk on top of everything. It is so satisfying between hot stone room visits. It's funny while the Korean lady at the shaved ice bar is very nice and welcoming. The restaurant the next door still remind to hire stone cold faces with no hospitality the girl I mention on my previous review seems no longer there though Or, maybe the restaurant business is no fun.

The restaurant menu is hit and miss but there are few good items. Their soupy foods are good in general. Anyway, I love this spa. Everting is clean and still fairly new. Let me tell you something. Why did I not know about Korean spas all these years? I had the pleasure of Soomi giving me a massage and body scrub. It's important that you are comfortable being naked in front of strangers.

Ispa will give you a uniform to wear in common areas. Here is the process in order: I took advantage of all the rooms as I wait for body scrub and massage from Soomi. Body scrub- my first body scrub by another person aside from my husband. She scrubbed my body from head to toe and did not miss a cm on my body.

It was a bit disgusting to see my dead skin come off but it felt very refreshing after the scrub. She is sooo good and will smooth knot out. Cucumber mask- I think she used a fresh cucumber to make some sort of mask for my face. The mask help cool my face down. Milk mask-she massaged milk all over my body. I'm not sure the health benefits behind this method but my skin felt extra smooth.

She gave me some extra warm milk to rinse my face. After the massage, she washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner. To note, the scent smelled so good and fruity. The whole experience is amazing and I did not want it to end. She definitely deserve her tip.

Don't forget to bring a book or a friend. I will be coming back more often especially during winter season. They have good sauna room but worts customer service ever , the front desk had bad attitudes and I lose my skincare in the locker that I can clearly remember, I called and ask them couple times but they just answer impatiently they did not find anything which really pissed me off, I think the cleaning person just took it , that's what my friends said , you can never get it back if you forgot something in Ispa unless it's a phone or computer I like this better than the LA Spas.

It's clean and efficient. The best part is that people follow the rules--taking showers between the sauna, the jacuzzis, the pool. Also, there's no "cruising," which can happen in other places. There's a good amount of children but they are well-behaved and not too loud. The treatment rooms are bright with skylights and don't feel moldy or crusty.

So, I imagine I'll go down to Irvine every month-or-so I love this place because people follow the rules and actually keep the common baths clean. I can't say enough how much this is important. Usually, the moment it becomes a mixed-use spa, people mess up the water. If you agree, give this a thumbs up. Don't be that person. Don't let the petite Korean ladies fool you, they give a painfully-good, high-pressured massage!

It was probably the best massage I've ever had. Sometimes, they will step on your back as well. My massage did get momentarily interrupted because they must have accidentally switched appointments with mine and a different client and they were trying to figure it out. Also, there was a lot of talking in the background that you could clearly hear but other than that it was pretty good.

Afterwards, I went to the different heat rooms. Beware, the Himalayan salt room is super hot so as soon as you enter, hurry and tip toe to where you want to lay! My friend and I ended our spa night cooling off in the ice room. The whole experience was different and I felt like I was in Korea.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the Asian culture, be prepared to see same-sex nudity! Plus, the dinner closes at 9pm daily. Awesome experience for couples. Will definitely go back at some point. If you're looking for a place to relax that's the place. This is my go to spot just about every Friday after work for the last 3 months.

I could spend hours there watching my fingers getting all pruny and sweating away in the saunas. I highly recommend this for people with stress, sore achy muscles or just to pamper yourself, go ahead, spoil yourself for once! If you look at my picture I have it pinned in a map where the entrance is located.

When you arrive in the lobby there are signs posted with prices and services available. Once you enter the segregated spa area, you are in the shoe locker area, the key you are given will be numbered which corresponds to the shoe locker, place your shoes in there. The spa area is for bare feet only, no shoes allowed. Behind the vanity area is another also lounge along Go to your locker which is also numbered to the key that you are given.

Place your clothes in there. Keep in mind this is an all nude spa with the only exception being the common areas. The segregated spa area does not allow people to wear bathing suits. The first time for me was kinda awkward getting undressed and walking around naked but believe me after going repeatedly to the spa, I am not shy or have any shame.

I'm no picture of perfection but trust me, there's no one going around inspecting to see what your dimension are or staring at you, no one needs to be shy here and definitely no one is going to be touching you, I have not seen any lewd behavior going on at this spa which says a lot about the respectable people going here. Also keep in mind this is a family spa, children are rarely seen but are always accompanied with their parents.

People of all ages, shapes, colors, sizes, ethnicity and religions go here. Remember people going here are there for the same reason, they want to relax! Release some tension and just take a break so you should too! As far as the services go, I have only been massaged on two different occasions each massage was Very Good and I usually always ask for an oil massage.

Each massage was done by a small Asian female masseuse, there is no choice for male masseuse but do not under estimate these ladies. They are very strong and capable of working out every knot. My favorite part of iSpa is the wet areas. They have 4 banks of showers I think it's 12 standing and 12 sit down.

They all have soap, shampoo and conditioner. The area with towels has razors, disposable toothbrush and toothpaste and are included with admission. The towels are endless, I would say they are not a full size towel but anyone can make it work. There are 3 jacuzzi's, one is medium heat and the other is high heat but both feel amazingly good after a long day at work.

Each of these warm jacuzzi's have timers for the jets, they are off to the side by the large atrium windows. The third jaccuzi is ice cold for plunging if you get too hot from using the sauna to help you cool down. It also has jets and a waterfall feature that looks like it needs to be repaired since the last 2 times I have been there it was not working.

Then there is dry sauna an wet sauna, their are sprinklers in the wet sauna that are on a time outside the door. The spa is usually busy each time I have been there but never packed to the point where you would not be able to use any part of the facility. The spa wet areas are usually always spot less, I have yet to see a spot of mold in any of the shower areas and the attendants are constantly picking up left over used towels, bringing fresh clean towels.

The vanity areas are also stock with hair gel, Q-tip, combs hair dryer and sinks. The coed areas where you use your provided uniform are not really my favorite part, I'm glad they have them, here at this spa, the floors are heated I can feel the ambient temperature is a lot warmer than the rest of the spa. I don't see any benefit to this area only benefit is if your are accompanied by a member of the opposite sex and wish to spend time together.

I like how its clean and kept up in all areas of the spa including co ed and cafe area. The atmosphere is really relaxing not too crowded on weeknights not sure on weekends. I don't spend the whole day here usually prefer going in the evening. The food is decent too at the cafe. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after I leave the spa.

Literally right across from Tustin Marketplace. The building looks like an industrial building, a bit hidden so be careful not to miss it. There's a ton of parking on the side of the entrance, and the side of the building. I had no trouble finding a spot on a Saturday evening.

Other services such as massages or facials cost extra. So there's a male and female section. This is where the showers, lockers, steam rooms, and pools are located. You will have to remove your shoes first as there are no shoes allowed in the main locker room or any other area within the spa.

They give you a set of clothes to wear after you shower. In order to use the steam rooms or the pools, you must also shower first be prepared to be completely nude. I recommend bringing your own shampoo, soap, and conditioner if you don't feel like using what they have. They also give you towels to dry your body.

There's also an entire vanity section for women to blow-dry your hair and put on your makeup. There are 3 pools: Each are about 2 feet deep for you to just sit and just relax. The pools are beside the dry and wet steam rooms. I prefer the dry; it's your typical wooden steam room. I felt suffocated in the wet steam room because it's just really stuffy.

You'll be sweating a ton, which is awesome. There's a cold shower between the steam rooms for you to wash off some sweat as well! This is where you can meet with your friends, clothes are required here common sense, I know. There's an entire lounge area with heated floors for you to lie down with friends.

There's a section past the lounge area where the hot rooms are at. There is the forest room, salt room, clay room, ice room, etc.! You'll get a good sweat out of this one. It is best to spend a few minutes in the any of the hot rooms and then run over ice room to cool down, in that pattern.

The food court was pretty huge, lots of dining areas. There's a dessert section with cheesecake, boba, and shaved ice. They'll take down your locker number upon ordering and you will pay as you leave the spa. I got their shaved ice and thought it was really refreshing from all of the heat. I had a really good time with my friends here.

The spa itself is very spacious and super clean. We definitely felt very relaxed and rejuvenated upon leaving the spa. Would definitely come back again and spend more time here! The scrub and massage service is outstanding! And the cafeteria offers a good variety of freshly made Korean dishes I particularly liked the seafood omelette with scallions.

I have to say that this spa does not look fancy and super luxurious, but it's very clean and absolutely worth a try if you like a good scrub and unlimited relaxation I only go here because it's the only Korean spa with newer facilities in Orange County. Locker, vanity, pool and sauna areas are clean and well maintained.

However, they don't provide bathrobes or full sized towels, which is annoying. What's more annoying is the lack of customer service from the front desk ladies. It takes no talent and minimal effort to say "hi" or smile, but if you choose not to, can you at least pretend to be busy and not make it awkward af while I check in and out. It's so uncomfortable walking in and out with 4 girls staring at me in silence, not saying anything even after I say "hi..

This experience makes me appreciate the work ethic and poise present at more traditional Korean spas in Ktown. Irvine Spa Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. No sandals provided, and I'm pretty sure you can't wear any form of shoes inside?

They provide you with a tip envelope with the providers name on it. If you are not given one, you don't need to tip. Usually you get one if you get a massage or scrub. I like this better than the LA Spas. I have to say that this spa does not look fancy and super luxurious, but it's very clean and absolutely worth a try if you like a good scrub and unlimited relaxation.

I only go here because it's the only Korean spa with newer facilities in Orange County. Sign Up Log In. Oops, we can't find your location. If your browser doesn't ask you, try these steps: At the top of your Chrome window, near the web address, click the green lock labeled Secure.

In the window that pops up, make sure Location is set to Ask or Allow. You're good to go! A Decent Ride Vintage International. Vintage Books July 25, Language: I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention irvine welsh blade artist juice terry looking forward francis begbie begbie character hard time franco begbie frank begbie characters from trainspotting california violence porno believable edinburgh leith beginning familiar ending jim.

Showing of 36 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Irvine Welsh is my favorite author of all time and I love how he continues to study even the most obscure characters from Trainspotting.

This piece starts out so lovely and beautiful and full of hope that I was almost brought to tears by Jim's family life. I had no idea "Jim" was the ongoing tale of a character I absolutely hated from Skagboys and Trainspotting. But I loved him in this tale and so it was a tough transition for me to see him slip so easily back into complete sociopathy.

Of course by the end I lost all hope for humanity and remembered that Dr. Cox was right in Scrubs when he said, "People aren't chocolates. Do you know what they are mostly? Bastard coated bastards with bastard filling. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I must admit my disappointment with ''The Blade Artist'' as I was expecting a lot more from Irvine Welsh and the continuation of the infamous ''Trainspotting'' saga.

The book follows one of the most notorious fictional characters the antisocial and psychopathic Franco Begbie who is now a successful sculptor living in California with his wife and kids leaving his old brutal self behind. The death of his estranged son in Edinburgh forces him to return to his hometown where he meets his old acquaintances and try to find the truth behind his son's death.

In my opinion, the character of Begbie in this book is almost a caricature of his old self and I feel the same about the extraordinary violence which consists the core of the novel. Some of the dialogue is -unintentionally- hilarious and the final scene where he meets an old rival feels stilted. I couldn't recommend this book to anyone except the hardcore fans of I.

Welsh and ''Trainspotting'' series. Except for the excessively vicious Tyrone scene at the end, I thought it was perfect. The new world immigrant forced to return to his old world stomping ground, like a wild beast returned to its natural habitat. Almost as good as Trainspotting and arguably better than Porno, Irvine Welsh dazzles yet again.

Not all his works have been up to that standard, and some have exceeded it, such as the excellent Glue. Few characters in any of these works are as compelling as that of Francis Begbie. Anyone who's ever spent any time in Edinburgh, or anywhere else in Scotland for that matter, knows or has met a Begbie. They are not nice - and they're not meant to be. So i was chuffed when i heard he'd be getting his "own" storyline in The Blade Artist.

Glue it is not, and the beginning and ending are both equally unbelievable for entirely different reasons , however the middle 3rd of the book is classic Welsh. You could argue that it is 2 fantasy segments sandwiching the real sequel to the events in Porno, and maybe that's not enough for some folks but its enough for me.

One wee suggestion for Irvine though - dump Juice Terry. As a plot device he was ok in Glue, and at the end of that book there was a hint he was on the verge of transformation, but from Porno onwards he reverts to being such a 1 dimensional character he'd be better off out of the story arcs entirely. Looking forward to next installment of General Franco With a reformed former character, Welsh takes us on a walk through old demons and new revelations that leave a very disquieting turn in the stomach.

Not for the feint of heart. A return to form for Welsh, who presents one of his most terrifying creations -- Francis Begbie -- in a surprisingly sympathetic light. If you liked Trainspotting, Marabou Stork Nightmares, and Filth, then this one should prove an enjoyable read. I'm a real Welsh fan.

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