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The lake is a popular recreational area for paddleboards , kayaks , canoes , dragon boats , and rowing shells. One case that holds special importance to McAndrew is a girl known as Beth Doe, whose body was found right before Christmas in along the banks of the Lehigh River in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. These volunteers, who know first-hand the pain of having a missing or sexually exploited child, have provided peer support, coping skills and compassion to countless families. Lynn is not here to enjoy the season with us so it will never feel right. And any classified ads that you create will receive quite a bit of attention. Franklin Barbecue is perhaps Austin's most famous barbecue restaurant; the restaurant has sold out of brisket every day since its establishment.

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Supreme Court has not prohibited the execution of mentally ill people, but it bars the execution of anyone so mentally incompetent they do not understand why they are being put to death. When the May 2 date was announced, Bartee attorney David Dow sent the court a letter saying the new date should not have been set because DNA testing has not been done. Dow said no notice of a hearing for a new execution date was sent to him or Bartee.

Backpage on Anthony Bartee Guests: Return to Top Beunka Adams Thursday, April 26, Execution He and his fall partner, Richard Cobb, were convicted of abducting and killing a man during the robbery of a convenience store in the East Texas town of Rusk. Cobb remains on death row. Adams was 19 at the time of the offense; Cobb was Three days before the scheduled execution, a federal judge in Texarkana granted Adams a stay of execution.

Circuit Court of Appeals the day before the execution. Backpage on Beunka Adams Guests: The foundation is a San Antonio-based nonprofit that advocates for human rights through education, criminal justice reform and victim advocacy. The jury imposed the death penalty after finding that Hernandez posed a continuing threat to society and that there were no mitigating circumstances to warrant sparing his life.

Police linked Hernandez to the slaying through traces of his DNA mixed with the boy's blood on a pillowcase and a jumper. Backpage on Jesse Hernandez Guests: A native of the UK, Garland is a professor of Sociology at New York University, where his areas of focus include the US death penalty; legal institutions of punishment and control; and history and sociology of criminological knowledge.

He received a Guggenheim Fellowship, was a founding editor of Edinburgh Law Review and was founding editor-in-chief of Punishment and Society: The International Journal of Penology. Return to Top Beunka Adams Thursday, March 8, Execution He and his fall partner, Richard Cobb, were convicted of abducting and killing a man during the robbery of a convenience store in the East Texas town of Rusk.

The scheduled execution of Adams comes less than eight years after his conviction in August He lost his federal appeal when his attorney missed a deadlines, essentially waiving the last constitutionally required review before his death sentence could be carried out.

Backpage on Keith Steven Thurmond Guests: Later, one escapee committed suicide rather than be captured. The six survivors were sentenced to death. Executed in August was Michael Rodriguez, who had dropped his appeals. Donald Newbury was set to die Feb. Backpage on George Rivas Guests: EJUSA is a national, grassroots organization working to build a criminal justice system that is fair, effective, and humane, starting with repeal of the death penalty.

He has been in private practice for over 30 years, specializing in criminal defense and personal injury litigation. He has defended persons accused of, among other things, capital murder, homicide, robbery, kidnapping, fraud, theft and drug trafficking. Return to Top Anthony Bartee Tuesday, February 28, Execution Convicted of the robbery-murder of his San Antonio neighbor, Bartee insisted that two gang members committed the murder and robbed the victim of his motorcycle.

He won a stay of execution on Feb. Backpage on Anthony Bartee Return to Top Donald Newbury Wednesday, February 1, Execution The Albuquerque, New Mexico, native was one of seven men who escaped from a Texas prison in and committed a store robbery in suburban Dallas in which a police officer was killed.

One escapee claimed sole responsibility for the murder. Newbury and the others were condemned to death following separate trials. Texas is the only state that permits the death penalty for people convicted of murder for playing a supporting role. One co-defendant has been executed, another has an execution date of Feb.

The seven-year gap from Hernandez' conviction to the announcement of his execution date was relatively short. Typically, a person sentenced to death spends at least 10 years going through the appeals process.

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Backpage on Rodrigo Hernandez Guests: A professor of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies at the University of Central Florida, the corrections worker-turned-academic is a prolific author and speaker on capital punishment and other criminal justice issues.

It has been described as the first true textbook on the death penalty, offering "an introduction to the theory and practice of capital punishment in the United States. It provides an overview of major Supreme Court decisions and describes the legal process behind the death penalty. Recent developments in death penalty law and procedure are reviewed, including case law regarding such issues as using lethal injection as a method of execution.

Bohm has sought to understand what motivates the apparent deathquest of the American people that leads a majority of them to support the death penalty. The book is designed to educate readers so that, whatever their death-penalty stand, it will be an informed one. A jury ordered Esparza put to death in following his conviction in the abduction, rape and strangulation of a 7-year-old girl.

The victim's mother, Diana Berlanga, said she planned to witness Esparza's execution. The officer had responded to a call about a domestic dispute. Backpage on Frank Garcia Guests: Execution Watch is producing a special program examining the Feb. He was put to death despite emerging evidence of his innocence in the deaths of his three daughters in a house fire.

Top arson experts using modern investigative techniques have categorically rejected the arson finding of local investigators in Corsicana. Two years ago, the Texas Forensic Science Commission was on the verge of receiving a report condemning the original investigation, when Perry abruptly shut down their work by replacing several members, including the chairman, with new appointees.

Because of technical problems a few minutes from the beginning of the show are missing. The case shocked the nation for its brutality. Fall partner John William King is on death row, awaiting an appeal. Another co-defendant, Shawn Berry, received life in prison. Backpage on Lawrence Russell Brewer Guests: As a nationally known comedian, he used social satire to change the way white Americans perceived African-Americans.

He was arrested at the CIA during a protest stemming from reports that the agency had supplied cocaine to predominantly black areas of Los Angeles. Return to Top Cleve 'Sarge' Foster Tuesday, September 20, Execution This is the third execution date set for Foster, who was convicted of participating in a crime in Tarrant County in which another man has admitted committing a murder.

Supreme Court granted Foster a last-minute stay of execution in January, later rejecting his appeal. Foster was then set to be executed in April when the Supreme Court issued a second stay to consider his request for a rehearing. In May, the high court decided not to take up that motion. Backpage on Cleve 'Sarge' Foster Guests: Buck was on parole for a cocaine delivery conviction at the time.

Witnesses said Buck came to his ex-girlfriend's apartment late one night, kicked in the door, argued with her and others, then left after retrieving some of his possessions. He returned a few hours later with a gun, fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and her male friend. Backpage on Duane Buck Guests: Her current research focuses on the impact of evolving science and technology on criminal convictions and punishment -- as well as on civil remedies.

The co-defendant received a life sentence. Woods' death sentence was allowed to stand under the law of parties. Texas is the only state in which the law of parties permits the death penalty for those convicted of participating in a crime involving a murder -- even if someone else committed the murder and receives a lesser punishment.

Backpage on Steven Michael Woods Guests: Return to Top Ivan Cantu Tuesday, August 30, Execution Condemned in the shooting death of his cousin, he petitioned the courts unsuccessfully for forensic testing of DNA evidence that he said would prove his innocence. Cantu was 28 when a Collin County jury convicted him of capital murder in a botched robbery that left his cousin and the cousin's girlfriend dead.

Cantu was also indicted in the death of Mosqueda's girlfriend, year-old Amy Kitchen. The couple were found slain Nov. Backpage on Ivan Cantu Return to Top Randall Wayne Mays Tuesday, August 23, Execution The former oil field worker with a history of mental illness was convicted in the shooting deaths of two Henderson County sheriff's deputies.

Supreme Court refused in March to hear his case. In challenging his conviction, Mays's appellate attorneys asserted that: Mays will be the second in his family to die at the hands of the state in as many decades. His oldest brother, Noble, was executed in for stabbing and robbing a man in Wichita Falls.

A growing list of physicians and scientists 10 at last count say there is virtually no way the nowyear-old man could have committed the murder for which he was condemned, that of Melissa Trotter. Swearingen has filed a sixth writ of habeas corpus with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which last turned him down in February Robles was convicted and condemned after the men were found shot to death at a residence.

Joe David Padron, Robles's fall partner, was also convicted of capital murder but received a life sentence. Prison records indicate Robles began using marijuana and inhalants at age 10, acid and mushrooms at 14 and cocaine at He acknowledged he was an alcoholic and that he joined a gang at He had at least 11 arrests as a juvenile.

Backpage on Martin Robles Guests: The site involves a collaboration between journalists and law students. The Solitary Watch mission is to provide the first centralized, comprehensive source of information on solitary confinement in the United States. The intended audience includes practicing attorneys, legal scholars, law enforcement, corrections officers, policymakers, educators, advocates, and prisoners.

The sole survivor of the shootings, Rais Bhuiyan, has since forgiven Stroman and mounted an international campaign to spare his life. Backpage on Mark Stroman Guests: Soon afterward, he began working with crime victims through a group that takes them into prison to help inmates see the impact of their crimes. Return to Top Humberto Leal, Jr.

They've warned that Leal's execution would endanger Americans abroad by violating a treaty guaranteeing consular access to foreign nationals upon their arrest. Backpage on Humberto Leal, Jr. His execution was scheduled after the U. Supreme Court turned down an appeal in February His attorneys say they've been unable to get a court to consider claims that their client is mentally retarded and therefore ineligible for execution.

She uses the handbook in trainings around the country to empower people who face the death penalty. She has worked on a number of projects to free innocent people from death row. Supreme Court refused his appeal in April Taylor, who was 16 at the time of the Houston murder, argued unsuccessfully that prosecutors improperly used the juvenile conviction - when he was ineligible for the death penalty - as evidence to convince a jury to condemn him for the prison killing.

Backpage on Lee Taylor Guests: Most recently, she organized a statewide campaign for a bill to end life-without-parole for juveniles. To support the campaign, she wrote a report about children now serving life sentences without parole, called, "When I Die, They'll Send Me Home. A federal appeals court issued the reprieve based on arguments by the Amarillo man's appeals lawyer that the jury might not have condemned him for the triple murder if his trial attorney had presented mitigating evidence about his childhood, which was filled with violence, poverty and abuse.

The appeals court considered arguments on the claim but decided in November that the evidence could not be considered. John's United Methodist Church in Lubbock. He coordinates a vigil in the church parking lot from 5: Supreme Court issued a stay to give his attorneys time to prepare a full appeal of his death sentence on grounds that he is mentally impaired.

Bradford was sentenced to death in the slaying of a security guard. His attorneys say his execution would be unconstitutional because he is mentally retarded. Bradford was convicted in the shooting death of Brian Williams during a robbery at a south Dallas convenience store in Bradford's IQ was tested as 68 by the Texas Department of Corrections when he was a year-old first offender.

Backpage on Gayland Bradford Guests: Both were from Haltom City, near Fort Worth. When Horton's body was found, Kerr told authorities he had been with her at his home that night but that she had left alive. His trial lawyer said the woman walked out after the two argued following an evening of heavy drinking.

Petitions to stay Kerr's execution and reexamine the case were pending before the U. Executioners planned to use pentobarbital for the first time in Texas history. Officials announced recently that they would substitute pentobarbital in the three-drug method of lethal injection because the supply of the sedative employed in executions for the past three decades was cut off due to anti-death penalty sentiment where the manufacturer is based, in Europe.

Backpage on Cary Kerr Guests: Thomas, where she teaches journalism, media law, public relations and media ethics. Since , Casarez and her investigative journalism students have participated in the Texas Innocence Network, investigating cases including that of former Texas death row prisoner, Anthony Graves.

He was released in October following eight years of research by Casarez and her students. The attorney-professor was featured in the April 23, , episode of CBS's 48 Hours Mystery, about Graves' 18 years of wrongful imprisonment and his ongoing struggle to secure compensation from the State of Texas.

Casarez has been rewarded for her legal scholarly work with one of the highest honors of the legal profession - election to the American Law Institute. Supreme Court issued a last-minute stay, which it later lifted without comment. Foster, who insists he is innocent, was condemned for participating in a crime in which Sudanese woman was murdered in Fort Worth.

He and Sheldon Ward were sent to death row for the death of Mary Pal, Ward, who claimed sole responsibility for the slaying, cheated the executioner by dying in prison May 13, , of a brain tumor Backpage on Cleve Foster Guests: Garza's son, Robert Garza, is on death row.

The Valley chapter sometimes holds a vigil in front of the Hidalgo County Courthouse in Edinburg when there is an execution. A jury deliberated more than two days before sentencing Adams to death after he surprised prosecutors by pleading guilty to capital murder as his trial was about to start.

Hall's attorney attempted to save him from the gurney by asking a federal court to reconsider previous rulings that Hall is not retarded. The attorney said courts should consider new definitions of mental retardation. His book seeks to illuminate the issue of capital punishment through testimony from hearings in and on whether the death penalty should be reinstated in New York State.

Ward, who claimed sole responsibility for the slaying, died May 13, , of a brain tumor. The project also pushes for systemic changes to ensure that defendants in capital cases are represented at all stages by competent counsel. As a civil rights lawyer, he has represented clients on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Return to Top Steven Kenneth Staley Wednesday, December 1, Execution Condemned for the shooting death of a restaurant manager in Fort Worth during a botched robbery in by Staley and two accomplices. A district judge at one point ordered the state to forcibly give anti-psychotic drugs to Staley, who had been diagnosed with severe paranoid schizophrenia and refused to take medication because he believed it poisoned him.

Backpage on Steven Kenneth Staley Guests: Return to Top Larry Wooten Thursday, October 21, Execution Sentenced to death in at age 39 following his conviction in the robbery-murders of an elderly couple in Paris, Texas, for whom he had worked as a handyman. The state's highest criminal court in granted him a new trial on his claim that could not be executed because he is mentally retarded.

The trial, held in the same Lamar County District Court where he had been convicted and sentenced to death, found that he was not retarded. Backpage on Larry Wooten Guests: A capital murder trial later described as "a mockery and a sham," resulted in a conviction and life sentence for White.

He was freed in after his conviction was overturned; the charge against him was dismissed in Pelke supported the ringleader's death sentence initially, but a spiritual transformation led him to join an international campaign that succeeded in sparing her life. The retired steelworker works full time to abolish the death penalty.

Cantu, who was 18 at the time of the slayings, and four companions -- all 17 or 18 -- received death sentences. Two have been executed. Two others had their sentences commuted to life after the U. Supreme Court barred the death penalty for those under 18 at the time of their crimes. The slayings led to a Texas law allowing victims' families to view the execution of murderers.

Backpage on Peter Anthony Cantu Guests: Javits visiting Professor at New York University. Henderson, both 31, during an apparent robbery in their Houston apartment 10 years earlier. Jackson, formerly of Missouri City, has insisted on his innocence. He was linked to the slayings by DNA evidence and a bloody fingerprint on the apartment door. The discovery of widespread problems at the HPD crime lab led investigators from the Harris County District Attorney's office in to order a retesting of the evidence in Jackson's case.

Backpage on Derrick Leon Jackson Guests: They established a vigil to be held on execution nights at St. Patrick Cathedral in El Paso. He claims he was in jail on an unrelated traffic charge during the period the state's medical examiner pinpointed as the time of death. Backpage on Michael Perry Guests: His political essays have appeared in CounterPunch.

Return to Top Jonathan Green Wednesday, June 30, Execution Convicted and sentenced to death in by an all-white jury in the murder of a year-old white girl in Dobbin, Texas, a small town 60 miles northwest of Houston. Green, who is African-American, suffers from mental illness, is functionally illiterate and is probably mentally retarded, according to his attorneys. Supreme Court ruled in that the execution of mentally retarded people is illegal because it is cruel and unusual punishment.

Supreme Court refused to review Powell's death sentence in He was sent to death row three separate times, including retrials. Powell's attorneys said his due-process rights were violated when prosecutors held back documents indicating his girlfriend might have fired the fatal shots.

Of the people on Texas death row, only five have been there longer than Powell. He would be the state's longest-serving death row inmate to die by lethal injection. Excell White was executed in after 24 years. Backpage on David Lee Powell Guests: In many years of capital defense work, his high-profile clients have included Gary Graham and Timothy McVeigh.

Thompson, who is black, was exonerated after evidence of his innocence -- long hidden by prosecutors -- came to light weeks before his execution. Jones' attorneys say his verdict and sentence were reached unfairly, because the trial judge wrongly allowed Dallas County prosecutors to exclude a prospective juror perceived as friendly to the defense. In a capital trial, a single holdout juror can mean the difference between life and death.

Backpage on George Jones Guests: It includes little-known facts about the gas chamber, including links to the eugenics movements and American-German collaboration to produce lethal hydrogen cyanide. Among his other books is With Liberty for Some: He was arrested in Plano, Texas, following a standoff with police in which he held a gun to his head and threatened to pull the trigger.

A federal court in overturned his death sentence because a psychologist testified improperly at his trial that jurors should consider the fact that he is Hispanic in deciding punishment. Alba had a second punishment trial, at which a Collin County jury imposed the death penalty.

Backpage on John Alba Guests: Crystal has made her voice heard at legislative hearings on the Texas law of parties. Other states have laws of parties, which hold accomplices accountable for the actions of killers, but only Texas permits the death penalty for accomplices. The victim was serving 15 years for murder.

Cannady was the first Texas prison inmate prosecuted under a statute permitting a charge of capital murder against an offender serving 99 years or life on a previous murder conviction. His personal diary entries have been posted by a friend at http: Galloway, Kevin Varga May 12 date and two women were arrested in the September robbery and beating death.

Backpage on Billy John Galloway Guests: Garcia is most recently the author of the autobiographical Journey Into My Soul. He lives in Texas, where he works as a legal writer and consultant. The women pleaded to lesser charges. Backpage on Kevin Varga Guests: His attorney requested clemency from the state, arguing that Bustamante received inadequate representation from his state-appointed appellate attorney, who missed critical filing deadlines and failed to conduct any additional investigation of his client's background, which included serious abuse as a child.

Courts rejected Bustamante's arguments that his execution would be unconstitutional because he is retarded, with a tested IQ of Backpage on Samuel Bustamante Guests: The Odessa, Texas, priest leads a public vigil at St. Joseph's Catholic Church from 5 to 6 p. Backpage on William Berkley Guests: Carriger had been on Arizona's death row since The real murderer, whose false testimony had convicted Carriger, confessed to the crime in But by then Carriger had exhausted his rights to appeal, and the Arizona courts refused to grant him a new trial.

More than a thousand letters supporting Carriger's plea for a new trial poured into Arizona. At the last moment, a federal court issued a stay. Carriger was granted a new trial by the 9th Circuit in December, because of the new evidence. In January, , he accepted a plea to a lesser offense and was immediately released from prison. An investigation of the lab found that an analyst failed to report potentially exculpatory DNA test results from a murder that was cited in the penalty phase of Alix's capital murder trial.

Backpage on Franklin Alix Guests: Return to Top Henry Watkins Skinner Wednesday, March 24, Execution Condemned to die for the murders of his girlfriend and her two adult sons in the Texas Panhandle town of Pampa, "Hank" Skinner has always insisted he is innocent.

Northwestern journalism students investigating his conviction found numerous inconsistencies in the state's case. His supporters have encountered a wall of resistance from the state their efforts to obtain testing of additional crime scene evidence gathered by police. If the execution goes on as scheduled, protesters plan to gather outside the death house in Huntsville, where our reporters will provide live coverage.

Backpage on Henry Watkins Skinner Guests: Dubbed the "Natural Born Killers" couple, their case sold many newspapers and was fodder for the true-crime television series Wicked Attraction. Backpage on Joshua Maxwell Guests: Venerable Kobutsu Malone is an ordained American Rinzai Zen Buddhist priest and co-founder of the Engaged Zen Foundation, a nonprofit that establishes contemplative meditative practices in prisons and encourages prison reform.

He has been involved in death row chaplaincy since , when he served as spiritual adviser for his student, Jusan Frankie Parker, during his execution by the State of Arkansas. He was spiritual adviser for another student, Amos Lee King, during his execution in Florida. In appealing his death sentence, Sigala argued that the testimony of a psychiatrist was improperly limited at trial.

Laura Slaughter had planned to testify that Sigala had a history of mental illness and suffered from bipolar disorder. The prosecution prevented the jury from hearing the diagnosis. Backpage on Michael Sigala Guests: Northwestern journalism students investigating his conviction found that Skinner's trial defense was inadequate and that forensic testing of evidence was incomplete.

Hazelton, 28, and Peter J. Sparagana, 23, in , as they investigated a report of a burglary at Triple Creek Ranch outside Huntsville, Texas. Johnson's brother, co-defendant Terry Johnson, struck a deal with prosecutors that spared him from the death penalty, in exchange for testifying against Gary Johnson. Backpage on Gary James Johnson Guests: Supreme Court's Furman decision.

Freeman maxed out in March Mosley's appellate attorneys argued he should have a new hearing, because his trial attorneys failed to object to victim impact testimony from the officer's wife and did not call witnesses to testify about Mosley's drug and alcohol addictions.

The Supreme Court gave Mosley a reprieve in September one day before he was to be executed, but the panel later declined to hear his appeal. Backpage on Kenneth Mosley Guests: Vogel follows the effects of globalization on working people and their communities. He contributes to the socialist magazine Monthly Review. The girl and her 9-year-old brother were abducted from their home.

She was killed when her throat was slashed. Her brother, Cody, was choked into unconsciousness but survived. Attorneys are seeking a stay so they may present evidence that Woods' execution would be unconstitutional because of diminished mental capacity. Backpage on Bobby Wayne Woods Guests: Human Rights Watch seeks to defend and protect human rights by focusing international attention where rights are violated and holding oppressors accountable: On their way out, Thompson, armed with a.

Butler, who was later sentenced to life in prison, shot the fatal bullet. Thompson was convicted under the law of parties and sentenced to death. He has sought clemency from Gov. Rick Perry and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles on the grounds that his punishment should not be worse than that of the person who fired the fatal shot. Backpage on Robert Lee Thompson Guests: A Houston attorney and veteran lawmaker, Rep.

Dutton is a member of the House Corrections Committee and a strong proponent of legislation to reform the Texas law of parties so that non-killers convicted under the law would not be subject to the death penalty. He has lobbied Gov. Perry to spare the life of Robert Thompson. When the woman came home unexpectedly.

They robbed her, taped her mouth, bound her hands and feet, put her in the trunk of her vehicle, drove to the Nueces River, tied a rope with a block to her, and threw her into the river. Simpson and his co-defendants were in possession of the victim's vehicle at the time of their arrest.

Backpage on Danielle Nathaniel Simpson Guests: Halperin teaches history and human rights at Southern Methodist University, where he is director of the Human Rights Education Program. A longtime human rights activist, he is the former chairman of the board of Amnesty International and has led a number of civil disobedience actions against the death penalty at the US Supreme Court in Washington.

Eldridge broke into Bogany's apartment and shot the daughter as she slept on a couch. After chasing Cynthia's boyfriend from the apartment, he returned to the living room and shot in the shoulder the 7-year-old son he had with Cynthia. He then chased Cynthia onto a stairwell outside the apartment and shot her. Backpage on Gerald Cornelius Eldridge Guests: Backpage on Yosvanis Valle Guests: In seeking to explain why the U.

Higher homicide rates, he says, are associated with reduced: The farmer, a year-old white man, came home unexpectedly, saw the burglars, got his rifle, and shot and wounded a juvenile. Oliver responded by shooting the owner with a handgun, seizing his rifle, and using it to beat him. The jury that convicted Oliver consulted the Bible during sentencing deliberations that resulted in the death penalty.

Backpage on Reginald Blanton Guests: Balentine entered the residence during the night, and committed the murders while the victims were sleeping. Backpage on John Uzell Balentine Guests: Employees called police after noticing Mosley inside the bank acting suspicious. As one of the first officers to arrive at the scene, the victim entered the bank in full uniform and approached Mosley, noticing that the would-be bandit had his hand stuck in his waistband.

When the officer told Mosley to show him his hands, a struggle ensued and the two crashed through a glass window. Witnesses heard several shots fired before Mosley re-entered the bank through the broken window and was shot in the wrist after flashing his pistol at a second police officer.

The victim died the afternoon of the shooting. He suffered at least four bullet wounds to the torso. Four men were shot by Coleman, but one survived to identify him as the gunman. Backpage on Christopher Coleman Guests: Moody and a co-defendant followed Hall to his home, forced their way inside, and demanded money and drugs.

While Hall, who was crippled, begged for his life, Moody shot him at close range with a sawed-off shotgun. Moody later told his co-defendant that he shot Hall because he kept trying to get up from the ground. Backpage on Stephen Lindsey Moody Guests: Return to Top David L. Williams was one of six female murder victims found in the desert around El Paso between June and August Wood was also indicted in the five other murders.

Nearly a year after her disappearance on March 14, , Williams' remains were found buried in the desert a short distance from U. On July 25, , in Smith County, Texas, Beatty strangled his mother, a sixty-two year old white female, placed her in the bathtub for two days and then buried her in a shallow grave in their backyard.

Backpage on Roderick Dasha Newton Guests: Return to Top Kenneth Mosley Thursday, July 16, Execution Convicted of murdering a white male police officer while attempting to rob a bank in Garland. The next day, Hankins shot his stepchildren a 12 year old white male and a 10 year old white female in the same manner, causing their deaths. After his arrest, Hankins told authorities where to find the bodies of his 55 year old father and his 20 year old sister, whom he murdered in Backpage on Terry Hankins Guests: Riley turned himself in to police hours after the slaying.

His execution was stayed in to allow an investigation of claims he is mentally retarded, which would make his execution unconstitutional. An IQ of 70 is considered the threshold for mental retardation. Riley's execution date coincides with the birthday of Malcolm X, who said: Paroled in April , he is a paralegal in Houston and author of two books based on his prison experience.

Return to Top Derrick Lamone Johnson Thursday, April 30, Execution Convicted in the death of a year-old woman during the commission of a robbery. The courts indicated that Johnson and a co-defendant beat the victim about the head with a board and then suffocated her with a shirt and a sweater.

Backpage on Derrick Lamone Johnson Guests: Return to Top Michael Rosales Wednesday, April 15, Execution Convicted of killing a year-old woman during the commission of a burglary. Rosales claimed he did not know she was home. When he was discovered, he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her times, then struck her with a hard object resulting in her death.

Backpage on Michael Rosales Guests: He has served as the director of a peace group located adjacent to Pantex, the country's nuclear weapon assembly plant Peace Farm ; as a legislative aide and as legislative director for members of the Texas House of Representatives John Hirschi and Lon Burnam ; and as a state and national board member of the country's largest grassroots peace organization Peace Action.

He is currently a college instructor Virginia College and owns a consulting firm where he has conducted legislative research for litigation attorneys for the last 13 years Capitol Research. Murray was killed inside his home in Carrizo Springs following a violent struggle with Briseno and his accomplice, Alberto Gonzales. The sheriff suffered numerous stab wounds with a knife found buried in his chest.

He had also been shot once in the head. Backpage on Jose Garcia Briseno Guests: Return to Top Luis Salazar Wednesday, March 11, Execution Sentenced to death for his conviction in the murder of a year-old woman who was stabbed to death Oct. Backpage on Luis Salazar Guests: Juhl is co-editor of a book entitled Radical Acts: Return to Top James Edward Martinez Tuesday, March 10, Execution Convicted of a double murder that occurred in Fort Worth on September 21, , when 20 shots were fired into a vehicle, resulting in the deaths of a year-old man and and year-old woman.

Rees decision confirming the constitutionality of lethal injection. Morris's date comes nearly six years after he won a last-minute reprieve over concerns that putting him to death would violate the Supreme Court's prohibition on executing the mentally retarded. Backpage on Kenneth Wayne Morris Guests: She was one of a handful of free-world people invited by prisoners into death row in to negotiate an end to a hostage crisis.

She was sleeping when Pondexter and at least one accomplice broke into her home. Cases are pending against accomplices. Backpage on Willie Earl Pondexter, Jr. Johnson, 51, was convicted in the death of Leah Joette Smith. She is described in court documents as a cocaine addict Johnson offered drugs in exchange for sex, then beat to death when she used the drugs and reneged.

Backpage on Johnny Ray Johnson Guests: Her unit recently won a major victory in the case of a Texas death row prisoner. Backpage on Dale Devon Scheanette Guests: Death penalty law is a principal area of scholarship. Both victims were beaten to death with a baseball bat.

Following his arrest in San Marcos two days after the murders, Martinez said he grabbed the bat and began to beat his girlfriend when she awoke to find him standing over her in the bedroom. Fearful that her son might discover his murdered mother, he walked into the living room where he was sleeping and struck him repeatedly in the head with the bat. He did not harm the boy's year-old sister, telling her instead to go to her grandmother's home next dore and not return.

No motive was offered for the killings. Backpage on David Martinez Guests: His startling series of photographs of inmates on Texas Death Row are featured in an exhibit that opened in October at the Norwegian Opera house in Oslo, sponsored by Amnesty International. Was he set up by the state? Read Jim Skelton's backpage. Backpage on Ricardo Ortiz Guests: Backpage on Virgil Martinez Guests: Houle previously served as a Soros Justice Fellow with the group, doing public education about the execution of people with severe mental illness.

Backpage on Larry Ray Swearingen Guests: Her body was found in the trunk of her vehicle in a parking garage. Backpage on Reginald Perkins Guests: The program seeks to organize anti-death penalty family members of murder victims. The two victims were shot with a. Boyd was shot in the chest and Clark in the head following an argument with Moore inside the club.

Both died at the scene. Prior to his arrest, Moore reportedly threatened to kill family members of witnesses if they cooperated with the police investigation. Backpage on Frank Moore Guests: The sheriff suffered numerous stab wounds inflicted with a butcher knife found buried in his chest. Since age 12, Moore had been in and out of state custody.

Backpage on Curtis Moore Guests: Hudson caught the victim with another man and stabbed her 7 times in the upper torso with a knife. The victim's son tried to intervene and Hudson slashed him 2 times in the throat with a knife. The victim died at the scene and her son ran out of the apartment to a neighbor, who called police.

Hudson was arrested at the scene. Backpage on Robert Hudson Guests: A former journalist, he has worked for the U. Congress and several Texas legislators. The blog is at http: Nadamo became friends with Hudson through their correspondence, which begam about a year ago. On October 10, , Cannady who was serving a life sentence caused the death of a year-old Hispanic male Texas prison inmate inside a medium-custody housing area at the McConnell Unit in Beeville.

Cannady beat the victim who was Cannady's cellmate with a steel lock attached to a belt and kicked him repeatedly in the head with steel-toed boots. The victim who was serving year sentence for murder died two days later. Cannady was the first Texas prison inmate to be prosecuted under a statute that allows for capital murder convictions if the offender is serving 99 years or life as a result of previous murder convictions.

Cathey and several others abducted Castillo from the parking lot of her apartment complex and attempted to force her to tell them about her boyfriend's drug and money dealings. When Castillo refused to give them any information, she was driven to a vacant lot in northeast Houston and shot three times in the head. Backpage on Eric Cathey Guests: He sexually assaulted the victim, then shot her in the head and chest, resulting in her death.

Manns took credit cards and cash from the residence and fled in the victim's vehicle. Backpage on Denard Manns Guests: Recently, he broke the story of Richard Tabler making high-profile calls from his cell on death row with a smuggled cell phone. Justin involuntarily became part of the story when Tabler called him, wanting to talk. Whitaker had been dating the victim's sister who had recently left him because of his abusive behavior.

On the day of the murder, Whitaker drove to his former girlfriend's parents' home outside Crosby and told her mother, Mary, that he was returning some of her belongings. Told to leave them on the porch, Whitaker pulled a. Carrier and her 5-year-old daughter, Ashley, into the living room where he shot Mrs.

Carrier once in the chest. He followed the fleeing Ashley upstairs where he confronted Shakeitha and shot her once in the head. He then pistol-whipped Ashley fracturing her skull in two places. Returning downstairs he saw Mrs. Carrier fleeing through the front door. Retrieving more bullets from his vehicle, he cornered Mrs.

Carrier behind the house and shot her a second time in the chest. Carrier and Ashley survived their wounds although Mrs. Carrier suffers from partial paralysis in her right arm and hand. Shakeitha died at the scene. Whitaker was traced to his apartment where he attempted to elude police by jumping out a window.

Police shot him in the hip when he appeared to be reaching for a pistol. The board dismissed Whitaker's appeal in which he argued that jurors should have been told that he only would be eligible for parole after he served 40 years in prison. With all of his appeals exhausted, Whitaker, 37, is set to enter Texas' death chamber Wednesday.

He was sentenced to die for the June 15, , shooting death of Shakeitha Carrier, 17, a sister of his former girlfriend Catina Carrier, who had broken off their relationship two months before. Carrier's mother, Mary Carrier, was shot twice in the attack, and her sister Ashley, 5, was severely pistol-whipped. His execution is scheduled for Wednesday.

A former parole officer and administrator for the state of Texas, Gambrell is also the author of a series of books. Taylor and an accomplice forceably entered Flake's home and tied him up. A friend of Flake's found him dead inside his bedroom later in the day. He had been strangled with two wire coat hangers.

A veteran of the state and federal Courts as both a trial lawyer and an appellate lawyer, he does many criminal cases and is very familiar with the writ system. He'll discuss something of great concern to capital-case defendants: The victim was stabbed to death with a knife.

Wright took many items from the home and left the scene in the victim's vehicle. Her areas of emphasis include human rights, civil rights and habeas corpus. Nenno lured the young girl to his home and attempted to rape her. He choked her to death when she began to cry and resist. He then raped her repeatedly.

Nenno hid Benton's nude body in his attic until neighbors went to police two days later and told them he had earlier been accused of fondling a child. Under questioning, Nenno confessed to killing Benton and led police to her body. Backpage on Eric Nenno Guests: On April 30, , Woods entered the home of his ex-girlfriend through an open window.

Woods sexually assaulted the 11 year old white female, then abducted her and her 9-year-old male brother. Woods severely beat the 9-year-old boy about the head, resulting in serious injury, and cutting the throat of the year-old victim, resulting in her death. Backpage on Bobby Woods Guests: They shot the victim in the head with a caliber pistol and then took his car.

Property belonging to the victim was later pawned. Backpage on Joseph Ray Ries Guests: Watts then kidnapped a fourth victim, a Asian female, sexually assaulted her and took her to codefendant Bolden's residence where he allowed Bolden to sexually assault her. Backpage on Kevin Watts Guests: True Stories of the Innocent and Near Damned".

It's about the lives of five former death row inmates who are now free. Lytle has an M. For more information, go to www. According to TDCJ, 'records indicate the killings may have been drug related. Backpage on Alvin Andrew Kelly Guests: The victim was shot in the head with a caliber pistol and his car was taken.

Law enforcement officers responded to a call concerning the victim at her residence. When the officers arrived, they found the residence to be in disarray and appeared to have been ransacked. They found the victim in the bedroom, nude from the waist down with wounds and bruising on and about her head area. The victim also had an Ace bandage tied around her neck and into her mouth, which was soaked with blood.

It was stated that the victim's death was caused by strangulation and blunt force injuries. The subject confessed to entering the residence and ransacking it. The subject admitted that he physically and sexually assaulted the victim, and wrapped an Ace bandage around her face and mouth. The subject admitted he removed some change from a jar and a small knife.

Backpage on William Murray Guests: The two were found shot to death inside Williamson's home in Plano, Texas. Hood was living at Williamson's home and also worked for Williamson. Hood was arrested in Vergennes, Indiana while driving WIlliamson's car. His previously scheduled execution June 17 was halted when the death warrant expired before it could be carried out. His attorneys announced Aug.

They've refused to answer questions about whether they may have tainted Hood's trial by engaging in a romance. Backpage on Charles Hood Guests: Wright's attorneys say approved DNA tests have excluded him as a contributor to the DNA on the knife used in the slaying. They say the new evidence, plus a recent successful polygraph test, indicate Wright is innocent, as he claims.

Wood and the co-defendant took the store safe, a cash box, and a VCR containing a security tape. Wood was not in the store when his co-defendant pulled the trigger. His case raises issues about the 'party' statute which says anyone involved in a capital offense is equally culpable. Save Jeff Wood Website The Other Save Jeff Wood Website Sidebar from the Houston Chronicle, August 20, At least three Texas death row inmates have been executed under the law of parties, which makes accomplices as liable as the actual killer in capital murder cases.

His co-defendant, James Meanes, the triggerman, was executed in Green, 49, was executed in ; a third man, Glenn Martin, got life in prison. Skillern claimed an accomplice, Charles Victor Sanne, was the gunman. Sanne got a life sentence. An Irving police officer was murdered outside the store as Rivas and co-defendants left the scene.

Links to Other Sites New Site! She has extensive experience as a producer of musical events and videos. Gillespie has over 36 years of experience In the Harris County Courts, servicing all of those who are in need of legal services in the East Houston, Texas area. He's licensed in Federal and State Courts and specializes in criminal law, family law and probate law.

Since his release in , the Houston native has won four federal suits against the City of Houston for police abuses, including the landmark, First-Amendment U. Hill, in which he is referred to as "citizen provocateur. Murphy was convicted under the Texas law of parties, which allows prosecutors to charge a person linked with a murder as if they, too, had pulled the trigger.

Condemned for a double murder in North Dallas. One of three men convicted in the dragging death of James Byrd Jr. Condemned in the slaying of a couple in during a carjacking committed in Houston with four accomplices. Given the death penalty in the stabbing deaths of an elderly woman and daughter in Fort Worth.

Sentenced to death in the shooting of a Houston Police vice officer at an adult bookstore in Houston. Was he in drug-induced psychosis when a child died during a so-called exorcism Milam was involved in? His attorneys said he received sub-par legal help at trial, reducing his chances of avoiding the death penalty. Condemned following his conviction in the December shooting death of an Irving police officer.

The Mexican National, who suffers from mental illness, is to be executed a quarter-century after his conviction. Convicted of capital murder in the shooting deaths of a clerk and a delivery driver during the robbery of a gas station in Fort Worth. Sentenced to be put to death following his conviction in the rape and murder of a girl in Fort Worth.

Condemned following his conviction in the slaying of his girlfriend in Sentenced to death after being convicted in the bathtub drowning death of a former roommate. Convicted of killing the owner of a mobile home park in Brownsville in the course of a robbery. Sentenced to death in for the murder of a San Antonio convenience-store owner.

Convicted and sentenced to death in the ice-pick slaying of a Houston woman in The East Texas man has been ordered executed in the murder of a Tyler woman during a robbery at her home. Sent to death row for his role in a lovers' lane slaying in San Antonio. Condemned in the slaying of a woman in Lubbock. Rescheduled for execution after a judge ruled him mentally competent to be executed in the shootings deaths of his two daughters in Sentenced to death in the murder of his ex-girlfriend in Condemned following his conviction in the murders of four females in the Houston area over a 9-year period.

One of four people convicted in the fatal mugging of a man. The Mexican national was convicted of murdering his cousin, a teenage girl from the border town of McAllen. Sentenced to death in a pair of carjackings in the Midland area in that claimed the lives of two men. May your holidays be Right-wing talk radio host Dennis Prager is in hot water these days, for saying that it's a wife's Poster child for American orphaned sexuality Hero is a selfish jerk Penises are actually alien organisms, Victorine Meurent A well known painter, a famous model to Manet, Degas and many others, occasional prostitute and Links Lovings links Hotel finder Nationwide escort links http: No repeating ads.

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And every year, the streaks of teal and pink flashing by grow longer and longer. In searching for missing children, every minute counts. Alvarenga sentenced to 26 years 4 months in state prison.

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You might get infected with disease, so stay protected. Live a lil At the United States Census , [] there were , people, , households, and , families residing in the city roughly comparable in size to San Francisco, Leeds, UK ; and Ottawa, Ontario , Canada.

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