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Answers Relevance. The blonde said and the spanish one would just need to leave to go dance in the middle, which was fine for me since she was a bit more open, talkative, and really good at biting my neck and kissing. Started throwing dollars down on some spanish chick, she was kinda cute with tattoos. I don't know about "Crazy Sexy" there, but I have seen the one in Pfungstadt near Darmstadt so they are still around. Sex workers note that business varies with the theme of the trade show:

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Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: I'm sure the "red light district" is still alive and well in Frankfurt. I don't know about "Crazy Sexy" there, but I have seen the one in Pfungstadt near Darmstadt so they are still around.

These types of places don't typically go out of business, if you know what I mean. Not that I would waste my money on such things, but would you rather some guy meet you for a one-nighter and never speak to you again or would you rather that guy to to a red-light and do his thing there?

Not only ugly guys use the red-light. I used to take new soldiers there once a month to "initiate them into the unit" back in the early 90s. Source s: Add a comment. Frankfurt is a powerful and international economic and industry fair city most abundant in imposing skyline in Germany and is among the areas that you'll require to see, a minumum of one time and this place hotelbye can help you.

Frankfurt is a city in one's heart of Germany and Europe and is really a city that could provide several facets and diverse variety. Leonhard, and St. Nicholas Church, notable for its carillon. I don't know anything about this name "crazy sexys" but I was living in Frankfurt over 24 years. There is no more Military everything closed already. I think this was a club or hotel near train station Kaiserstr.

Nazi Germany endet 64 years ago. Instead of traveling you might save your money to deepen your education. In the s, Frankfurt was plagued by one of the largest open drug scenes in Europe. Its parks and police were overwhelmed with needle addicts. Then Frankfurt decided to get creative, take the crime out of the equation, and go for pragmatic harm reduction.

The idea: Heroin addicts would still buy their stuff on the street, but inject here with clean needles, medical help standing by, and a place to stay if needed. These centers provide a safe and caring place for addicts — who are considered not criminals, but sick people — to maintain their habit and get counseling and medical help.

Rick, I was watching the Finland episode with you on the boat with your cousin.

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There was discussion of taxes and govt and how the basic needs are provided by the govt and how happy they are to pay taxes for that benefit. I don't think you can draw a comparison to today's US but certainly the US went through that phase in country development.

As we can learn form the Spanish, Italians, and Greeks today, when employment percentage drops, this socialized govt tends to fall apart as the expectations for basic needs continues without sufficient taxes coming in. I think the US needs to reduce centralized power and then we might get back to something similar to what the Norwegians enjoy.

Love following your blog and reading your always open-minded thoughts on Europe!

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Beware of the Thai girls up the second house. Sex, of course, is always with condoms. Frankfurt, Germany..?

Germany: Why Frankfurt is Crazy, Sexy, and Cool:

You're certainly naive, aren't you? I enjoyed your video. That actually caught me a bit off guard, because most bouncers I'd encountered were more interested in booting people OUT, not inviting them in. Posted 5 Dec It wasn't too far a walk from the train station.

Kaiserstrasse only has one adult porn shop on it, called Dr Muellers. Next Post Next The Rhine: Steamy with Romance. You just need to use your head if going there alone, don't carry more cash openly than you can afford to lose and, if you do the deed, use a condom. How Safe Is Frankfurt?

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